Capitol Commercial Cleaning works as a property management company and in conjunction with Property Management companies, as well as Real Estate Agents to provide specialized services, which include .

Some of our customers who obtain property management cleaning services to the following industries:

Real Estate
We have the capacity manage the cleaning services of any size facility. We serve the Greater Toronto Area and surround areas! Our services include property cleaning, property cleaning services. clean offices, cleaning apartments, cleaning business, apartment cleaning service. and apartment cleaning services

Our Cleaning Staff

We hire well- qualified, experienced office cleaners who demonstrate professionalism and a commitment to our customer’s satisfaction. Capitol Commercial Cleaning ensures our staff is bondable, we check references, and we provide adequate training and supervision to office cleaning and property management cleaners to ensure they are prepared to perform the job.

Through regular inspections and field supervision, we maintain the highest quality work; we deal with issues of concern immediately and effectively. Our team of dedicated staff takes pride in providing high quality services, and is committed to building strong working relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations.

We are ready to assess your needs, whether we do an on-site visit, or you complete our comprehensive online quote! Capitol Commercial Cleaning specializes in professional property management cleaning services, contract cleaning services, for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.

Capitol Commercial Cleaning offers affordable cleaning services, saving you money without compromising quality! Contact us today at 647-272-4232, or e-mail for information about our property management cleaning services, property cleaning, or to schedule a free cleaning quote. We look forward to hearing from you!