power sweeping


Let Capitol Commercial Cleaning exceed your expectations with our power sweeping and power scrubbing services. We have a reputation for superior quality workmanship and customer service.

We provide street sweeping and catch basin cleaning services to both commercial and industrial businesses. Our Fleet of power sweepers are multi-use and adaptable to sweep sidewalks parking lots and roadways.

Some of our power sweeping services include annual industrial, commercial or retail maintenance including spring cleaning, construction or event cleaning.

Our power sweepers effectively remove sand, dirt and rocks that accumulate in your parking lot, driveway, parking garage, sidewalks, or concrete surfaces on your commercial property. A well maintained property is a reflection of a well managed business.


Power sweeping and power scrubbing can prolong the life of pavement and the need for costly resurfacing and sealing. Regular maintence of your catch basin can prevent a costly emergency situation that can result when debris build up and adversely affect your drainage system.

A well maintained propery makes a good impression to customers, prospective buyers, and inspectors and says you take pride in your business.


General sweeping services
Construction site clean-up
Street cleaning
Apartment and condo complex clean up
Parking area scrubbing services
Shopping centre parking area maintenance
Special projects
Custom sweeping equipment


Construction Sites

Residential Complex Clean-up
Shopping Centers and Night Sweeping
Portering/Maintenance: trash container emptying and cigarette container cleaning, and more.
Our vacuum and broom sweepers can be scheduled for one-time, daily, weekly and monthly maintenance programs, depending on our customers' needs.


Daily traffic in your parking garage, production plant and warehouse inevitably leads to buildup of deposits of rubber, oil and grease that are not only unsightly, but also potentially hazardous to personal safety and the environment. These deposits can also lessen the integrity of your surfaces, resulting in cracks and potholes.

Capitol Commercial Cleaning provides power scrubbing in Toronto to remove build up with an eye toward restoring your surface to its original condition. We clean parkades, underground parking, warehouses, production plants, shop floors, and many other environments and surfaces, from smooth concrete to rough cobblestone.

Removal of Oil, Grease and Light Debris
Fast and Efficient Work, Cleaning up to 25,000 Sq. Ft. Per Hour
Application of Degreasing Agents and Agitation of Oil Deposits to Assist the Power Scrubber in Their Complete Removal
Removal of Rubber Stains or Buildup on Concrete or Membrane Surfaces
Power Scrubbing of All Corners and Edges and around Columns Using a Walk-Behind Scrubber
Use of Environmentally Friendly Detergents
Water Recycling and Recovery to Prevent Oil and Contaminants from Entering Floor Drains
Freezer and Cooler Cleaning Specialists
Underground Parking
Production Plants
Shop Floors
Additional Environments and Surfaces from Smooth to Rough Cobblestone

Contact us today at 647-272-4232, or e-mail SALES@YOURCOMMERCIALCLEANINGSERVICE.COM for information about our building maintenance services, or to schedule a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!